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Secure collaboration tools, zemana AntiLogger is not a traditional antivirus in the sense that it relies solely on behavioral detection  and not traditional virus definitions. The program blocks known and unknown keyloggers and Trojans from exploiting ones system. Zemana AntiLogger also protects against screen, webcam ,  clipboard, SSL certificate, and interestingly enough sound recorder loggers. The program also has a full system defense that scans active processes and registry entries for malicious activity (the company claims that it can detect zero day malware) All of the protections are active in order  to prevent a rouge Trojan from stealing important information etc.

The installation of Zemana AntiLogger was quick. The download was only 7 megabytes in size and the program installed quickly.

One problem I encountered was the inability to change the install location from the C: drive to the D: drive. Resource usage, collaborative software tools, is reasonable at only 9 megabytes of RAM and zero CPU power.

Since the program doesn’t have a full system scan option, there is no information on its active usage. Therefore, expect Zemana AntiLogger to have little to no performance impact on normal computing tasks. In order to test Zemana AntiLogger effectiveness, I installed a commercial spy software called System Surveillance Pro, SoftActivity Keylogger, and Office Cyber Alert. These are all mainstream spy software and the most downloaded on

I was unable to install any of these programs. , project task tracking While I didn’t receive a specific warning from Zemana, there had to be a reason why none of the setup files would launch. Zemana AntiLogger includes other protections within the settings menu. As far as programs go, Zemana checks to see whether they are signed with digital certificates and/or provided by Microsoft.

The user has the option to change whether they are prompted or if the suspicious program is automatically terminated. A user can also customize how updates a performed (silently or prompted etc.

) and enter a password. Basically, Zemana AntiLogger is designed for standalone use by system administrators.

While Zemana AntiLogger provides great privacy protection. I wouldn’t consider it without a standard antivirus already installed on a system.

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